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Cheap or Value For Money?

In the current economic climate it’s very tempting to go with the absolute cheapest option. However remember there’s a difference between cheap and “value for money”.  There’s a lot of very good professional driving instructors out there but there are also ones who show little real commitment to their students and even less in terms of good quality teaching skills and knowledge. The process may take you twice as long!

Price List

* 1 Hour Lesson - £38

* 90 Minute Lesson - £55

* Block bookings 10 hours and over will incur a £1 reduction per lesson (based on the hourly rate of £38) i.e 10 hours at £38 = £380 less £10 = £370

* Motorway Lessons - £70 for hour and half, £85 for 2 hours

How many - how long?

There is no set number of lessons you must have before sitting your practical test.  

Your learning and progress will be increased if you can have 1 and a half hour lessons. It can reduce the overall amount of lessons you require since you’ll have more time to absorb the instruction and put it into practice and spend less time on recapping the last lesson.

Intense courses are also available - see our homepage for details.

Printed handouts are included in the above prices to help support lesson plans and student learning.                                                                                

Gift vouchers can be purchased on request.

Lessons are also available to full license holders who may wish to improve their driving skills or regain their confidence due to illness or not having driven for an extended period.  Also motorway and parking lessons may be booked.

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